How much is this going to cost me?

Simply put, this is the most common question we receive from clients. And it is no surprise. As business owners and managers ourselves, we understand the importance of cash flow and budgeting, no matter how large or small your business is. Unfortunately, this can be an uncomfortable topic for legal professionals that cling to antiquated notions of billing every matter by the hour.

AltusLaw prices our services differently. We offer fixed-fee pricing on virtually all of our legal services (including most litigation). Many of our prices are listed on this website, but we encourage you to contact us to ask for an evaluation of your legal needs, along with firm pricing for the services before we get started.

Entity Formation – starting at $250

(plus filing or recording fees)
Creating a new business entity such as a corporation or LLC is a deceptively simple task. While many opt to “go it alone,” receiving guidance from an experienced attorney will allow you to ask questions and feel comfortable that you have made the right decisions along the way.

Operating Agreement – $750

An operating agreement is a critical component for multi-member LLCs and many single-member LLCs. It is the agreement between owners with regard to how profits and losses will be allocated, how ownership may–or may not–change hands, and more. The agreement covers many issues that should be decided before a potential problem arises.

Contract Drafting – Starting at $500

AltusLaw can assist in drafting virtually any business-related agreement, including supply contracts, client services agreements, construction agreements, master/sub-agreements, non-disclosure agreements, liability waivers, and more. Our fixed-fee pricing approach combined with our proprietary systems and technology enable us to efficiently address your business needs.

Lease Review – Pricing Varies

$400 for fewer than 6 pages, $800 for 6 to 10 pages, $1200 for 10 to 15 pages, for more than 15 pages we will provide an estimate
When leasing new space for your business, it is very important to have someone review your lease. It is critical that a lease not limit expansion of operations or tie up too much capital in rent in the business’s early stages. Our thorough review of a lease will identify concerns and include one round of negotiations with the landlord to attempt a resolution with the lease.

Consents, Minutes, Resolutions – Starting at $250

Corporations are subject to many recordkeeping requirements that memorialize the decisions and actions of the company. Additionally, documents are often required by officers to act on behalf of the company—such as the opening of a bank account, voting on distributions, or acquiring credit. AltusLaw can help you identify and draft the records required for your company as well as provide documents to assist in taking action with outside parties such as banks.

Buy-Sell Agreement – $2000

A buy-sell agreement is a contract between the owners of a company that provides for the orderly buy-out of those that leave ownership by those that continue in ownership. These can be used in situations where an owner dies, or simply wants to leave the business voluntarily (perhaps for retirement).

Redemption Agreement – $1250

A redemption agreement is a contract whereby the company itself agrees to repurchase ownership interest from an owner of the company under specified conditions and a pre-arranged price or pricing method.

Incentive Plan or Stock Grant – $2500

AltusLaw can help your company develop and draft an incentive plan for employees, key-employees, top management, and officers. Such plans are subject to numerous regulations and must be designed to consider the various tax implications of the parties involved. Other considerations include whether any ownership or shares given will be optioned, vested, a one-time grant, and more.

Other Business Law Services – Pricing Varies

If you need assistance negotiating or memorializing the purchase or sale of a business, merger, dissolution, or other business transaction, please contact AltusLaw and we would be happy to discuss the matter with you. We will provide a quote of the legal costs involved so you can make an informed business decision, instead of having to worry about unknown legal fees absorbing all of your upside.

Non-Disclosure Agreement – $350

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is an agreement between two or more parties not to share certain information with outside parties. These are often used within the context of employment relationships or business contracts.

Offer Letter – $350

A carefully drafted offer letter contains material information relating to a particular position such as a performance expectations, start date, compensation, and more. It also sets the stage for employment negotiation, which is later memorialized in an employment agreement.

Employment / Independent Contractor Agreement – $750

An employment agreement creates enforceable rights and responsibilities between the employer and employee, setting expectations for the relationship.

Employee Handbook – $2000

It is important to explain to employees their roles and responsibilities and your expectations of them. An employment handbook also describes what an employee can expect from your company, the employee’s rights, and your legal obligations. We can tailor one specifically to your needs.