Build Your Business the Right Way

Affordable fixed-fee legal services for your business.

Real World Experience

At AltusLaw LLC, our attorneys have practical, real world experience. We leverage our understanding of business and its objectives to provide a grounded, no nonsense approach to legal representation. We work with business clients to create workable solutions that are tied in with their business goals.

Legal Excellence

Our philosophy at AltusLaw is about leveraging our exceptional legal know-how to provide the best results for our clients. Winning matters. That means we must be right, which in turn means knowing what is right. We demand excellence of ourselves and strive for continual improvement—learning, growing, and evolving to ensure that our clients receive the best representation available.

Transparency Matters

AltusLaw believes the most effective representation requires entering into a partnership with you, in which we fully understand your company and you are fully engaged in your legal matter. We leverage the newest technologies to ensure that you have up-to-date access to your file. You will be given a hard budget for each matter and real-time access to the tracking of your budget, ensuring cost-effective representation.