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Establishing and running a business requires making decisions that will have ongoing implications for your business. We thoroughly understand business and its goals, and our corporate law services provide insightful and sophisticated advice. We also aim for efficiency and streamlining so that you can spend your time worrying about running the business, instead of spending time getting bogged down in statutory and regulatory requirements.

  • Entity formation: When first establishing a business, you must make decisions about the type of business entity you will form—a limited liability company or partnership, or an S- or C-corporation. Each of these options has different implications for the way your business will operate and with significantly varying tax consequences. Given this, it is essential to understand the differences and to get it right the first time. We will work with you to ensure that you are selecting the best entity type for the business you are forming and we will ensure that the proper paperwork is filed. We can also provide you with ongoing support to ensure your business remains compliant with all of its obligations.
  • Transition / conversion: Depending on the situation, there can be good cause to change from one form of business entity to another. Perhaps your business has grown or for tax purposes an alternate form makes more sense. We can advise you regarding the options available to you and on whether a change is recommended. We can also provide the smooth execution of such a conversion.
  • Dissolution: Companies dissolve for any number of reasons—death or insolvency of a partner or member, completion of business objectives, or for simple personal decisions. Dissolution is a complicated endeavor and can bring a host of problems, for example, the payment to creditors, resolution of competing claims against the business, and allocation of remaining company assets when winding up a company. We can ensure a smooth disposition of assets and wrapping up of business affairs.
  • Disputes: Disputes can arise while doing business and we are well positioned to address whatever issues arise. Our commitment to legal excellence and our understanding of your business will enable us to provide you with the best outcome in the event a dispute arises.
  • Compliance: There are numerous statutory and regulatory requirements for businesses. We can provide support in compiling annual meeting and minutes, meeting corporate requirements, drafting stockholder reports, and all other documentation your business requires to maintain its compliance with state and federal agencies.