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An unfortunate reality of the construction industry is that from time to time all contractors encounter difficulty getting paid. For private projects, a mechanic’s lien is an essential mechanism to secure payment. A lien, if properly drafted and perfected, creates a salable interest in the project.

Lien filings are highly technical, complex, and fraught with pitfalls. Yet, timely filing is critical, which makes it important to seek competent advice in this process. AltusLaw LLC leverages its experience and familiarity with lien filings to save you time and money by making this complicated process straightforward and predictable.

AltusLaw LLC’s approach is to provide transparency and clarity for its clients. Unlike a typical law firm that charges an hourly rate with no cost-cap for its services, we offer a complete lien service (drafting and filing) for a fixed-fee based on the amount of the lien. As part of the AltusLaw Complete Lien Service, we:

  • Determine the legal validity of a lien,
  • Research target property information,
  • Draft all lien documents,
  • Record the completed lien,
  • Make appropriate statutory notices, and
  • Provide post-lien follow-up correspondence to make clear to the owner that it should pay the amounts owed.

Also included are all the filing fees associated with recording a lien. Simply put, AltusLaw LLC will ensure that the lien is properly drafted and perfected all at a set cost.