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At AltusLaw LLC, our attorneys have practical, real world experience and a commitment to unparalleled legal excellence. That’s How We Do It.  We understand what is important—providing transparency, creating value, adding certainty, and, ultimately, winning. These objectives are in our DNA, and are in everything we do as we approach each of our client’s situations.

We offer transparency. In each matter we handle, we will identify the objectives, consistently communicate case progress, and provide a realistic assessment of costs. At the outset of each engagement, we discuss in frank terms the likely outcomes and alternatives, and the costs for proceeding forward with each option. Throughout our representation, we utilize software that provides each client with real-time access to case materials—including case documents, attorney correspondence, and budget performance.

We offer value. At AltusLaw LLC, we seek timely, effective solutions for all the litigation and transactional matters we handle. We focus on the effective and efficient handling of each matter. Simply put, our goal is to either save or make you more money than we cost. To do this, we are committed to holding ourselves accountable to our clients by reporting our performance to case and cost objectives for every matter. At the conclusion of each matter, we grade ourselves and provide a candid assessment of how we measured up.

We offer answers. The law is an extremely complex and ever evolving landscape. In response to this fact, way too many lawyers say “it depends.” Of course it depends—in the abstract. But you have a concrete situation that requires anything but an “it depends” answer. We will assess your situation, evaluate the current state of the law, consider the tactical and strategic advantages, and give definite answers as they apply in each case. We do this while being realistic with and accountable to a budget.

Ultimately, AltusLaw LLC is results driven. That means we combine our principles of transparency, value, and certainty to strive for a winning outcome. We do this by leveraging our understanding of business and its objectives—that is we provide a grounded, no nonsense approach to achieving optimal solutions to legal problems. What you will not get at AltusLaw LLC are “technical” legal answers that fail to advance your greater interests. Unlike most lawyers that tell you what you cannot do, we provide practical solutions developed to help our clients succeed.