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As construction law specialists, we leverage our on-the-ground construction experience and engineering background to provide comprehensive support to construction contractors and project owners, from project inception to completion and throughout any disputes that arise. We specialize in representing all parties affiliated with construction projects, and with that specialization bring an inclusive understanding of the complexities of the relationships involved in construction projects as well as common issues that arise.

In particular, this includes:

  • Representing primes, subs, and suppliers: we understand the role that each party plays in a construction project and we understand the importance of these parties working together smoothly in order to complete a profitable project—with this understanding we represent these parties in any and all issues arising on construction projects.
  • Resolving payment issues: prompt payment is absolutely critical for your business and to in keep projects moving along, and that oftentimes payment is required to enable the contractor to purchase necessary materials to proceed to the next step of construction. We leverage our understanding of the mechanisms available to contractors on public and private projects to help secure payment in the event payment issues arise, while maintaining forward motion on the project.
  • Managing delay claims: we recognize that delays happen—due to events outside of a contractor’s control, such as unanticipated conditions, project and scope changes, interference, or supply interruption—but that in all cases, delays can result in serious consequences, including the imposition of liquidated damages. We will work closely with you in the event of a delay claim to ensure timely resolution of issues and to attempt to get the project back on track and if necessary document and pursue or defend a delay claim.
  • Resolving project issues: we leverage our ability to understand the technical side of construction projects to provide our construction clients with the most responsive representation and quick resolution of issues, addressing issues promptly as they arise to minimize the impact to the project.
  • Providing comprehensive support regarding bonds: we have extensive experience working with sureties on payment, performance, and license bonds and we will leverage that experience to provide support from bond acquisition to resolving disputes that arise on a construction project involving a surety bond.
  • Securing and enforcing liens: we know that liens are an essential piece of securing payment for contractors on certain projects and we will provide our services to secure liens on projects to better position our clients to receive payments on projects.
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts: contracts are like fences, and a well drafted contract defines the rights of the parties and provides a clear understanding of what must be done, when, by who, and for how much. As construction specialists we understand the nuance and substance of the issues that arise in construction agreements. Additionally, we know the importance of drafting contracts that satisfy numerous legal requirements in addition to providing clear intent of the parties signing that contract, and we will leverage our experience in this area to ensure clearly drafted, enforceable contracts to your advantage.
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance: we know and understand the various regulations that apply to contractors and we work to ensure that you remain complaint while you focus your energies on your projects.