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Companies can benefit greatly from having a single firm act as counsel for a variety of legal, corporate, and employment issues. By having a single go-to firm, we can integrate with your processes to fully understand your company and advance your business goals in a way not readily achievable without such an established relationship. With “Umbrella In-House Counsel,” we will provide advice in a number of areas, taking into account the effect decisions have on broader business strategies and ensuring that we are always moving your company forward all as part of a monthly lump-sum service eliminating the reluctance to seek the technical legal advice that is essential to running a business.

As part of the AltusLaw Umbrella Counsel, we offer the following services:

  • Contract drafting and review: we analyze contracts with an eye toward protecting the business’s interests and remedying potential concerns;
  • Compliance with employment regulatory agencies: we utilize our expertise to ensure that your employment processes comply with state and federal requirements;
  • Regulatory compliance: we leverage our understanding of your business to identify applicable regulations and then work in partnership to ensure compliance with those regulations;
  • Corporate governance: we assist you to review potential governance pitfalls and ensure that you comply with all requirements of your particular business entity—namely that you comply the requisite meeting and election requirements, generate the appropriate consents and decrees, and file all required documentation with state and/or federal agencies;
  • Trademark and Trade Secret: we will help you to protect your market presence and image by obtaining trademarks and enforcing any trademark against infringement. We will work with you to ensure protection for your trade secrets, going to bat for you if their secrecy is threatened;
  • Lease drafting and review: we will review your leases to ensure that they provide adequate protection for your company, whether you are the lessee or the lessor; and
  • Employment issues: we recognize that from time to time employment issues can arise requiring disciplinary actions, and we will work closely with human resources staff to ensure that these disputes are promptly and adequately managed.

We offer the legal sophistication of “in-house counsel” and can provide you with these comprehensive services to enable you to spend more time advancing your business.