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As with our construction law services, we leverage our engineering background to quickly resolve issues arising on projects for engineers and design professionals. In particular, we work to resolve payment issues, to draft and review contracts, and to ensure regulatory compliance.

  • Resolving payment issues: we understand the critical importance of prompt payment; we leverage our understanding of the mechanisms available on public and private projects to help secure payment in the event payment issues arise.
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts: we know the importance of drafting contracts that offer significant protection and satisfy numerous legal requirements in addition to providing clear intent of the parties signing that contract. We will leverage our experience in this area to ensure clearly drafted, enforceable contracts that enhance your ability to realize the full extent of your bargain.
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance: we know and understand the various regulations, restrictions and licensure requirements that apply to engineers and we work to ensure that you remain complaint while you focus your energies on your projects.