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Portland Bridge Construction

Construction Law

We leverage our on-the-ground construction experience and engineering background to provide comprehensive support to construction contractors and project owners, from project inception to completion and throughout any disputes that arise.

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umbrella law - fixed fee AltusLaw

Umbrella Counsel

Companies can benefit greatly from having a single firm act as counsel for a variety of legal, corporate, and employment issues. By having a single go-to firm, we can integrate with your processes to fully understand your company and advance your business goals in a way not readily achievable without such an established relationship.

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AltusLaw: What We Do. Corporate Law and Lien Service

Complete Lien Service

An unfortunate reality of the construction industry is that from time to time all contractors encounter difficulty getting paid. For private projects, a mechanic’s lien is an essential mechanism to secure payment. A lien, if properly drafted and perfected, creates a salable interest in the project.

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AltusLaw Business Law

Representing Engineers & Design Professionals

As with our construction law services, we leverage our engineering background to quickly resolve issues arising on projects for engineers and design professionals. In particular, we work to resolve payment issues, to draft and review contracts, and to ensure regulatory compliance.

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Successful Stories for Business and Corporate Law

Corporate Law

Establishing and running a business requires making decisions that will have ongoing implications for your business. We thoroughly understand business and its goals, and are able to provide insightful and sophisticated advice. We also aim for efficiency and streamlining so that you can spend your time worrying about running the business, instead of spending time getting bogged down in statutory and regulatory requirements.

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AltusLaw Brownstones

Real Estate & HOA Representation

Law surrounding real estate transactions can be quite complicated, and fraught with serious consequences when issues arise. We offer support in a variety of areas to bring certainty for our clients, including breach of contract, title and deed disputes, boundary disputes, and issues with easements. We also deal with ongoing HOA operational and management issues, resolving HOA maintenance and other property disputes.

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Corporate Law Portland Oregon


We bring a wealth of experience in addressing guaranty and fidelity issues for sureties. We specialize in representing sureties on both public and private projects on matters of performance and payment bonds, as well as across the fidelity landscape.

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Coverage Counsel

Determining whether insurance coverage exists in a particular case can be a critical element in protecting your business. We understand the intricacies of insurance coverage and will advocate for you to ensure that you receive the protection and defense under your insurance to the fullest extent possible.

Advocating for you is just what we do.

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