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Real Estate

Law surrounding real estate transactions can be quite complicated, and fraught with serious consequences when issues arise. We offer support in a variety of areas to bring certainty for our clients, including breach of contract, title and deed disputes, boundary disputes, and issues with easements. We also deal with ongoing HOA operational and management issues, resolving HOA maintenance and other property disputes.

  • Breach of contract: A breach of contract can result from failure to pay or some other failure to meet an obligation. We can resolve disputes regarding issues involving commercial properties, rental agreements, leases and subleases, and construction and development agreements.
  • Title and deed disputes: When a dispute arises regarding the validity of a title, deed or conveyance, we will provide support in quickly resolving the dispute or proposing remedial actions. We can provide advice in recording deeds, analyzing title documents, and otherwise representing you throughout real estate transactions to minimize and resolve disputes as they arise.
  • Boundary disputes: We can help resolve boundary disputes from issues as simple as encroaching vegetation to more complicated concerns such as acquisition of property or altering property lines. We recognize that boundary disputes are challenging by their very nature because they involve neighbors with whom it can be important to maintain a relationship. We endeavor to mediate to a favorable resolution for all parties to maintain these underlying relationships.
  • Easements: Easements are important property rights that enable one property owner the right of way over another’s property. Easements can be complicated and require sophistication to properly draft, and disputes may arise regarding the scope and location of the easement. Our legal representation for individuals and businesses ranges from the initial creation of an easement, to advising the purchase of property burdened by an easement, to determining the nature of a property interest in an easement.

HOA Representation

We deal with ongoing HOA operational and management issues. In particular, we can help resolve disputes regarding HOA maintenance and other property disputes ranging from boundary concerns to easements. We are also happy to review HOA governing documents, including the declaration and bylaws, and make suggestions, propose amendments, or resolve disputes. In this fashion, we attempt to avoid disputes before they happen, saving HOAs time and money.